Richard Previte

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


I am a Technology Product Manager with expertise in Business Process Management and Improvement, New Product Introduction, and Strategic Planning. I left Lucent Technologies in December 2002 when my department was cut in half as part of Lucent's restructuring, and am currently focusing my search on Product Management opportunities in the New York / New Jersey area. In addition to telecommunications, I am targeting opportunities in Consumer Electronics, Medical Equipment, and Software, industries where I believe my background and experience will provide the greatest value.

I am a process innovator, business analyst, and team leader with excellent education and industry credentials. Outstanding skill in analysis, problem solving, process management, and process improvement delivers bottom line results.

Process leadership experience includes management, analysis, and improvement of:
· Forecast
· Product cost
· Project schedule
· Physical and staff resources

Systematic problem solving approach to:
· Identify the root source of business issues,
· Assemble available information,
· Identify what additional data is needed,
· Execute a process to collect that data, then
· Discover and implement the best choices.


A cross-industry Product Management training company
Director of Business Development

· In my first Sales position, I was responsible developing leads, contacting prospects by telephone and email, discovering the training challenges their teams were facing, and communicating the value of Sequent’s courses and professional development services in satisfying their needs.

Senior Product Manager

Business Process Management and Leadership
· Conceived and established the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Management Process which monitored and predicted product cost, established and maintained cost targets, tracked how well cost targets contributed to required margins, and published concise cost reports. Product cost has been reduced by over $50 Million per year through all efforts organized by this process.
· Developed Microsoft Access database applications to better manage COGS and forecast. Analysis using COGS database resulted in credits of $1 Million from suppliers in 2001.
· Extracted order and shipment records from corporate order processing system and downloaded data into forecast database to match orders and shipments to forecast. This allowed tuning of factory build plan and less frequent, less severe shortage and excess inventory situations.
· Maintained data in corporate administrative systems to allow orders for hundreds of components to properly flow through these systems, allowing prompt filling of customer orders and speedier billing and revenue recognition.
· Provided system configuration and cost modeling support to customer bid preparation teams.

New Product Introduction
· Managed new product introduction, cost, pricing, and forecast, investigated alternate vendors, and resolved miscellaneous issues for required power equipment.
· Led multi-function, multi-company team to manage integration of vendor’s new power shelf into business unit’s application, cutting cost and ending reliance on shelf that might be discontinued.
· Overhauled and standardized Software Product Management: established order codes, updated engineering and product documentation, specified and approved artwork, standardized process to transmit code to the factory, and created and managed process and web site that ensured all stakeholders could distinguish and have electronic access to the version or versions they need.

Strategic Planning
· Coordinated, edited, and published the Broadband Access Product Line Plan, the business unit’s portfolio evolution statement and a framework for updating and monitoring its strategic plan.
· Organized initial kickoff meeting for AnyMedia Access System Product Team.

Project Manager

Information Organization and Management
· Tracked all key business metrics, including costs, project schedule, product fault data, and staff assignments.
· Created process to extract business data from corporate financial reporting databases, organize it according to work project and department, and publish reports to the management team.
· Designed and developed Microsoft Access application to manage the business unit’s staff assignments, allowing the organization to precisely plan which staff members would be associated with which projects, and how those assignments may be adjusted to allow new projects to be initiated while existing projects are continued, canceled, or delayed.

Project Management and Leadership
· Managed prototype equipment program, including collecting customer requests for quantity and time, supplier’s prototype component availability, then negotiating with customers and suppliers to establish a plan that matched requirements and minimized expense.
· Coordinated weekly Project Management meetings, tracked issues and analyzed their impact, and worked with the management team to mitigate their effect to schedule, budget, and features.

Member of the Technical Staff

Software Engineering
· Designed and developed Periodic Activity Manager, an object-oriented process scheduler.
· Architected software for Flash Memory circuit pack.
· Supervised complete development cycle for Functional Built-In-Test software subsystem, including process specification, design, code, unit test, documentation, and presentation at internal and customer reviews.


MBA, NYU Stern School of Business, 1992

Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, 1987

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Rutgers University, 1985


· Created and now teach “Wires, Bulbs and Batteries” to 6-9 year old students at the Bergen Gifted Child Society’s Saturday Workshop.
· Georg Goubau Award for Excellence in the study of Electrical Engineering, 1985

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